In unbelievable news, the Dunedin Casino actually vanished for 48-hour last weekend, in a completely unexplainable event. As stated on, on Saturday 23rd November at around 6 in the morning the site of the casino was nowhere to be seen, it had completely disappeared, returning at approximately 10 am.

Conspiracy theorists have come out in droves with their explanations surrounding the casino’s disappearance. Here are just some of the comments left at the news desk and the tenders gazette Twitter account.

“Aliens are taking our casinos!” – John Bishop

“There is clear evidence that the casino actually grew its own pair of legs and made off down the road.” – Tug Mi Schlong

“Well, it could not have been a stink hole because the ground where the casino once was, was absolutely perfectly normal.” – Casandra Cook

Sceptics have weighed in with their own opinions on the event that left the Dunedin Casino invisible for nearly 4 whole hours.

“What has clearly happened is that a thick veil of fog settled over the casino, making it impossible to see the location of the casino. Events like this have happened before, with the Statue of Liberty in 1937 and with the Eiffel Tower in 1982.” – Doug Walter Scott

No, official answer or comment has come from the casino, but staff had expressed their disbelief upon arriving at work.

“I arrived where I thought work was, but it wasn’t there, I walked around the block for an hour thinking it was either my head not being screwed on tight enough or that I was completely in the wrong area.” – Philip Carr

The Dunedin Casino had no physical changes when it reappeared 4-hours later. Was this the work of a major alien experiment or was it the case of some freak weather phenomenon that made the casino appear transparent? What we do know, is that no-one has an answer that gives clarity to the events surrounding the Dunedin Casino and what happened that Saturday morning.