Well, one story not quiet making the headlines but put to use here in our post, is the story of Mr. Jeff Dumphrey and his pet Llama Gabriella. Now, if you have never been to the Sky City Casino in Auckland, you just might bump into these two high rollers should you decide to visit.

On Monday at about 5:45 pm, with a mix of heat, exhaustion and a thirsty llama, Jeff Dumphery wondered into the Sky City Casino to get his lovely Gabriella a drink from the staff.

They were out for a walk as is often the case with Jeff and Gabriella. Both are known to the locals in the area so seeing a man walking around with a Llama isn’t the most surprising thing.  

What is next seen in the CCTV footage shows Jeff and Gabriella walking over to the slot machines and playing a few games. Jeff places the coins into the slots and tells Gabriella to hit the spin button, which you can see she’s doing with her nose.

To the amazement of on-lookers, Gabriella managed to hit the jackpot landing her and Jeff a total sum of 1.9 million dollars. The footage shows Jeff giving Gabriella a kiss and a ruffle of her head.

The manager of Sky City Casino was humorous about the situation that unfolded. “Yeah, I’ve known Jeff for a while, but he’s never brought his Llama in before, so this was a first. But it might have to be the last if she keeps on winning.”

We managed to get this quote from Jeff Dumphrey the day after his big-money win. “Well, I didn’t anticipate how hot it was going to be outside and after 15 minutes walking in the heat, I could tell she needed a drink. By chance, it was by the Sky City casino, if it had been any other place I’d have still asked if it was okay to grab some water for her (Gabriella).

I’d not gone there with the intention to play, but I had a few coins in my pocket and figured I’d use them. Turns out it was the smart choice.”

This windfall has certainly made Jeff and Gabriella bigger stars than they already are in Auckland and it seems that if you want to have lady luck on your side, you’ll now have to go out and buy a llama to make it happen.