The SkyCity Casino in Hamilton is no stranger to the news since the site was built in the 80s. The chequered history began with the casino manager at the time, refusing to let people in if they didn’t remove their shoes. This was followed by the members being told that for each day of the week, specific colours had to be worn for them to enter.

Well, now the manager has gone one step further with his oddities by providing players with forks at the tables.

Now, when you take a seat at the table of poker or blackjack, you wouldn’t normally expect to find cutlery provided, but SkyCity Casino is doing just that.

A spokesman for the SkyCity Casino said “This is just a trial run to see how people react. There were discussions about giving players the full cutlery set with the option of a plate, but just for the first week, we are going to see how this works out.

The Sky City Hamilton Casino has been the subject of inquiries for many years and this is just another in a long line of bizarre decisions made by the casino manager. He also mentioned his new project which is online casino:

Here are the thoughts of just some of the people we interviewed outside of the casino after this new development.

Joe Bradbury – “Well, it’s a bit odd, isn’t it? Is it a casino or a restaurant, why would you need a fork on the table for? I think the guys a bit loopy if you ask me.”

Simon Briggs – “it makes sense to me to have cutlery at any table, makes you feel more at home in some odd way, though I did go out for a meal last night after playing at the casino and asked the waiter to hit me, in complete error, as I thought I was still playing the blackjack I was enjoying a few hours earlier at SkyCity.”