The Decision Review System has become an important part of cricket, and it is fair to say that some captains are better at using it than others. The DRS allows a batsman or the captain of the fielding side to question a decision that was made by the umpire. In test cricket teams get two reviews per 80 overs and in 50 over and 20 over cricket, teams get one each.

Ask Tim Paine How Important It is to Think Your Review Through

In the recent Ashes series, Australia captain Tim Paine barely got a decision overturned and he was constantly being mocked for using it when there was no chance it was out. His inability to use the review system properly cost his team dearly in the third test of the series. England were closing in on a record victory, but they only had one wicket in hand. Paine decided to use his final review on a ball that clearly pitched outside the line of leg stump. The very next over, Nathan Lyon struck Stokes on the pad, but the umpire was unmoved. Unfortunately for Paine, replays revealed that the ball would have crashed into the stumps. However, he had no reviews left as he wasted both of them. England went on to win the test.

Kane Williamson Has a Poor DRS Record

During his time as New Zealand captain, Kane Williamson has asked for 57 reviews, but only 7 of them have gone his way. This means that he has a success rate of just 12.28%. In the current test match against England at the Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui, he used the DRS on day one, but it did not go his way. Although, to be fair to him this time, the DRS revealed that the ball was clipping the leg stump, so if the umpire had given it out to start with, Rory Burns would have been on his way back to the pavilion. So becareful when you bet on them (via especially).

Blackcaps captain Kane Williamson calls for a DRS review during Day 1 of the 3rd Test match between the New Zealand Black Caps and the South Africa Proteas. International Test match cricket played at Seddon Park, Hamilton, New Zealand on Saturday 25 March 2017. Copyright photo: Bruce Lim /

Virat Kohli’s DRS Record isn’t Anything to Shout about either

People are always talking about how poor Virat Kohli is when it comes to using the DRS system. At the time of writing, Kohli has lost the last nine reviews that he has called for when batting. In fact, the last time that he managed to overturn the umpire’s decision was nearly two years ago when playing against Sri Lanka.

When it comes to fielding, he has had a bit more success when calling for reviews, but it is still nothing to write home about. Although, having said this, he still has had a bit more success than Williamson.

England’s Joe Root Sits at the Top of the Pile

When it comes to the most successful captain, Joe Root is sitting at the top of the pile, with a success rate of 29%. This is more than double that of the Kiwi skipper. The fact that the highest percentage is 29% goes to show just how tricky it is for the fielding captain to get his reviews right. This is why the captains need to be smart when it comes to deciding when to review and when not to review.